Google, in 2008 released its version of operating system based on Linux kernel. The company promised full control to users, huge developer support and regular updates.

Nokia with its Symbian OS and Apple with its iOS were dominating the market then.

Android has grown over the years. From a single flagship device then to a billion devices today. In the current smartphone market, no other company comes close to Android’s market share.


iOS has degraded over the years offering the same experience with add on features. Sadly, users are still waiting for Apple to realize this.What if you wanted something more than 5×4 grid of icons. Android is famous for its customizability and emerges as the true leader in this department. Not only can you apply themes,icons packs but also swap launchers for a different experience.

Material Design

The latest version of android aka Lollipop is based on Material design. It offers fluid animations , vivid colors and a swift experience.


                                                                                       SWIFT ANIMATIONS AT 60  FPS!


Android now has better notifications with heads up, you can now get all the notifications on your lock screen . Now users can choose what notifications you want to receive which Google has dubbed as priority mode. You can also enable ‘do not disturb’ mode.

But the real innovation is “Guest Mode.” You can toggle it on at any time, and your guest can do pretty much whatever they want — including signing in to their own Google accounts — before burning that guest account in a puff of digital smoke. It’s a private browsing mode for your phone.





Google Now

Android’s personal assistant: Provides calendar integration,flight details, sports updates ,nearby places,weather,3rd party apps integration.

Google Now still has the best voice recognition. Cortana, Siri are no where close in this department.


Huge ecosystem of Android devices you can choose from. There is no need to compromise on hardware. A large number of Android devices are available at various price points, with varying hardware capabilities, screen sizes and features.

Apps And Ecosystem

Though it is no way near the iOS App Store, Google Play Store is slowly catching up. Most of the apps that are paid on iOS are available for free on Android.


One thing that annoys us with the apps on Android are the permissions. Either you accept all the permissions or not install the app at all. For instance, Flipkart app reads the call history and contacts. What is the need for a shopping app to view my call history?


Google seems to have realized this and it is introducing granular permission control in Android M. Apps will now display pop up permissions. You can either accept or reject them.



Multi tasking is a breeze on Android devices. All you should have is a fair amount of available RAM. Unlike iOS where the app usually restarts, Android manages to restore the state of the app. Prior to Android 5.0 Lollipop, the app switcher was no help if you were moving between two tasks in the same app. In terms of efficiency, constantly going back to your inbox or document list is sort of like going back to the home screen every time you want to switch apps. But this new implementation is very pretty and usually very fast, but, more importantly, some apps can make better use of it like Chrome which  can put multiple tabs in there.

Battery Life And Performance

ART, an entirely new Android runtime, improves application performance and responsiveness by compacting backgrounded apps and services so that you can do more at once.

The major concern in an Android device is its battery backup. There are apps that run in background without the user’s knowledge and drain the battery. The users can, however, disable the apps that they think are draining their battery.There are tonnes of apps in Android that can help you in keeping the phone awake on a busy day.

                                              MISCELLANEOUS !!

Custom ROMs

If users are not satisfied with their specific OEM provided Android skin, they can install custom ROMs which are close to stock android with added features.


This is the biggest plus for an Android phone. Practically, your phone never gets outdated. Hardware specific ROM’s are developed for your phone thanks to the huge development that goes on for Android.


Unlike iOS, you don’t need to empty your pocket to get an Android phone. Windows phones are slowly getting there but do not offer the hardware that Android phones do. Affordability wise, Android wins hands down.

Software Updates and Fragmentation

There is inconsistency in system updates as they’re not directly released by Google for all devices but are OEM and carrier dependant unlike iOS and WP. Non uniform user experience across devices as basic hardware specifications are not specified and imposed by Google. Microsoft on the other hand has strict basic hardware specifications for Windows Phones and lets not talk about Apple for the moment 😛


Android can practically run on any type of device. Be it a phone or a watch or a television or a car, you name it, Android can run on it. While iOS and Windows stick to their range of devices, Android has come a long way in this department.


Some comments after we used Android

Android can be a toy for people with mobile and software expertise. Whereas IPhones provide the simplicity Not much customization everything is kind of set for you

There is also a possibility of a virus attack, something that does not happen in iOS. Malware only attacks if we meddle with root permissions.

With Google’s upcoming project ARA, modularization of hardware will become possible and swapping out dated hardware components to replace them with new ones to keep your device current will become a reality.



  • Fragmentation.
  • iOS apps are more consistent.
  • Windows and iOS offer an easier experience.
  • Box of malware.
  • Inconsistent battery life.

Pros :

  • Customization
  • Huge developer support
  • Affordability
  • Lot of options to choose from
  • Adaptability(Can practically run on any device)



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