OnePlus Two:What can we expect?

OnePlus One was one of the most successful phones in the mid range segment. The phone was recently launched in India and OnePlus is getting ready to launch its next flagship, OnePlus Two on July 27th.OnePlus_new_logo

What can we expect from this phone?

Build Quality and Display

The OPO had a very good build quality in its segment but it never looked like a premium phone. We are expecting the OnePlus Two to come out with a metal finish. The founders recently teased the phone on Reddit with a picture and a caption that read, ‘I can only tell you that under this OnePlus One there is a OnePlus 2’

We are guessing that the phone will have a marble tile back along with trimmed down bezels. From the initial reports, the OnePlus Two will either be the same size or smaller than OPO. There is a possibility that OnePlus may come out without capacitive buttons.
We would love it if OnePlus Two comes out with a metal frame. This, however could affect the cost


The OPO was one of the most affordable phones with high end specs and superior build quality. We want OnePlus Two to be on the similar lines. Even if the phone comes out with a metal frame, it would still be less than half the cost of most flagship phones.
The OnePlus Two is rumored to cost less than $500(Rs.30,000).


The OPO had a powerful battery and OnePlus revealed that OnePlus Two would have 10% more juice, that would make it a whooping 3300mah battery. Wow!


We might be over expecting here, but we would love an expandable storage in OnePlus Two. For hard core mobile users, 64GB memory just doesn’t look sufficient, it would be great if the company comes out with 128GB variant.

A better UI

CyanogenMod was a powerful OS, thanks to the customisation options tucked away. But, OnePlus Two will be coming out with Oxygen OS. We expect the OS to be powerful, intuitive,bloatware free. Let’s see.


A better camera

Camera quality is something that can kill a flagship. Every manufacturer knows this. OPO had a 13mp camera. If we are not wrong, OnePlus Two might have a dual-lens rear camera. There were some sketches obtained by Business Insider. According to them, the dual camera set-up is on top of the fingerprint sensor. The OnePlus might feature a 8MP front camera.


Processor and Ram

OnePlus Two will have a Snapdragon 810 processor. Isn’t that too good? This is something we do not expect from a mid-range mobile but we are talking about OnePlus here. There were some complaints about Snapdragon 810 regarding over heating. OnePlus has clarified that it has come out with an improved version of the chipset(2.1).
A letter was leaked on the internet(Bluetooth SIG authority filing). It showed that the phone might be available in three variants. The base model will most likely have 3GB of RAM while the next model will feature 4GB of RAM.


media-20150711 (1)

Other Features

The phone will be the first flagship to support USB Type-c. This was confirmed by OnePlus recently.

Image 6
Fingerprint scanner. According to OnePlus, this will be faster than Apple’s TouchID. Users can also save five different fingerprint profile in OnePlus Two. The picture below was taken from PCOnline and may not be true


The flagship killer is on its way. We’re excited. Are you? Tell us what you think in the comments.



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