The war between PC gaming and Console gaming has been a very interesting one. Some argue that PC’s are better while others say consoles are better. Both the platforms have their selling points. Earlier the old gen consoles never stood a chance against the PC. With the introduction of the next-gen consoles in the market, the PCs are facing a tough competition. Again, the next gen consoles “ Sony PS4 & XBOX ONE” are very similar to each other.xbox_one_vpervye_obognal_po_prodazham_playstation_4_v_ssha-150515

Coming to the next gen consoles, these consoles just multiply the power of the old gen. Their designs are smart drawing from the problems of old gen.The XBOX ONE has a slight edge over PS4 in processing power but falls behind when the graphics processor is concerned. Even the RAM is similar at 8GB. The PS4 and Xbox One have similar AMD architecture at their core. PS4 is able to run some games on 1080p at 30-60 frames per second compared to XBOX ONE’S 720p or 900p. The difference isn’t significant because DirectX12 could bridge the gap!




Both the consoles have tremendous power beneath the hood.While consoles may be powerful, users don’t have the option to make any upgrades in the future.Developers still need some time to use the console to its full potential. Gaming PCs can be built-to-order and you can decide how much to spend on a rig.Major advantage is the ability to upgrade individual components, such as a graphics card, hard drive or processor. Each and every part of the PC can be upgraded, no wonder people use it for as long as a decade! The custom modification and upgradation a PC offers can do wonders. The hardware on a PC can be outdated very quickly because the third-party companies are always competing to try take the lead in the market of computer hardware. This means they are constantly releasing better and more advanced hardware.   PS4 has a 800Mhz core clock speed with 18 compute units. On the other hand Xbox One has a core clock speed of 853Mhz and 12 compute units. Sony performed some custom design work on its GPU, thanks to which, the PlayStation 4 can outshine its rival gaming console by a theoretical performance rate of up to 50%. Now even a decent graphics card like Radeon 270X or GTX 760 can outshine these console gpus.PC wins hands down in this department. Consoles can never match the performance levels of a high-end PC

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The downside is that you’re likely to spend more on a gaming PC in the first instance compared to a console. You’ll need a monitor, mouse, keyboard and some audio gear at the least, and upgrading components isn’t particularly cheap.For great performance you need good physical components.The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is only one of the many components to a computer, so a reasonable gaming PC would cost you around Rs.50,000 which is double the recent Gaming Consoles. Consoles cost around Rs.35,000 which is comparitively cheaper. You would have to burn your pockets to have the best gaming experience On the other hand, the console games and accessories are very expensive. Extra money goes into subscribing to the online features like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold. PC games are much cheaper, the extra goes into maintaining a decent setup.


The new games on consoles might be mostly remastered but it provides a great ground for developers to create something amazing in the near future. PC was the pioneer to have exclusives like GTA,COD etc. before the consoles. PC gets pretty much all the games available on both the consoles and some extra also. Some PC exclusives are Dota 2, Age of Empires, Warcraft etc.2774_866676
The Sony PS4 exclusives are KillZone, The Last Of Us(Remastered),Uncharted 4 etc, If you want to know more you can check Sony’s Press conference on this year’s E3. Similarly, the XBOX ONE has Forza 5, Ryse:Son Of Rome. Exclusives increase the popularity of one platform but this also leads to the criticism of that platform. While some are happy, others are upset. PC guys are better off.When a game releases on a console, you get the content that comes with that particular game, and that’s it. When that same game is on the PC, however, the community playing it continuously creates new and interesting content for others to enjoy. Even old, outdated games can be injected with new life through the installation of a new texture mod. You can only emulate so many console classics, and they’ll probably be buggy as hell on the PC.



The consoles are not backward compatible with older-gen because they are way ahead in all perspectives. Loyal customers might be disappointed having spent large amounts on a collection of titles, but the gap between new and old consoles launch is a whopping seven years.
Sony fans will be pleased to hear that an online service called PlayStation Now will bring PS3 games to not only the PS4, but PS Vita and Bravia TVs too. Microsoft is yet to make any kind of announcement in regards to the Xbox One and older games. PC’s are perfectly fine and this is where they take over the consoles. While hardware is constantly getting better, PCs never make it impossible to play your favorite game again. Windows is very supportive and lets you play old and brand new titles smoothly. Console gaming is more fluid because of the controllers.Even those wonderful controllers can be connected to a PC, ensuring that whatever you prefer, it’s available.All consoles are built with painless ways to connect with friends and get gaming within minutes. You don’t have to worry about server connections or matchmaking — you just jump online and play.If your game needs a patch, or if your console’s operating system needs a fix, the updates are downloaded automatically. How’s that for convenience? Compare this to PCs, where you have to download and install patches and drivers manually.


If you are considering consoles then thats not a bad idea. With decent specs and hassle free experience you can get a gaming monster. Just keep in your mind that you might be paying extra for the subscriptions and games. In consoles, the Sony PS4 has an edge over its counterpart. The PS4 doesn’t come with a camera and other accessories but its a win-win because of its great exclusives.The XBOX ONE is more of a multi- media hub. Consoles are made for the couch. You can sit relaxed and enjoy gaming on a huge TV.

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PC gaming is the other choice that offers more functionality and versatility with fewer limitations. The money is spent mostly on upgradation and modification. The PC’s are not portable and are a big pain to move around. Makes it messy because of the cables. If you are good at computers and you know about the advanced settings and look for an ultimate gaming experience then PC is what you need.You might have to constantly upgrade your PC as the years go by. The only drawback with PC is its portability and initial investment.



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