Batman V Superman : Will Superman bleed?

We all love fantasizing match ups between different superheroes . But our favourite one is between the 2 biggest bad asses of the DC universe.  As we approach the release of DAWN OF JUSTICE ,I can’t control my excitement.

The trailer for Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice was so dark. Batman has always been one of the powerful and capable superheroes of the DC universe. And Batman is the only one who can outsmart Superman. While Batman might not have any superpowers , he makes use of his intellect and his martial art skills and is invincible.

Batman has always taken the role of a “silent guardian” and has never tried to be a hero like Superman. Batman is one superhero which you’ll always feel is in the realm of possible. But Superman is the chief in his abilities. He is immune to everything. Superman is faster, tougher, and stronger to a ludicrous extent.


So how can a tech savvy batman beat a superpowered kryptonian god?

-Fight superman using his gadgets and weaken superman using kryptonite.

Batman always had contingency plans for all the justice league memebers , if any of them ever goes rogue. Though superman is impervious to human weapons, he has a weakness –kryptonite.

In the last book of the Batman: Dark Knight “The Dark Knight Returns”, Superman is asked to take care of Batman. There is a brutal face off between batman and superman. Firstly superman is jolted  with thousands of volts of electricity. Then batman blasts Superman with ultrasonic soundwaves. Then batman knocks superman down by knocking him with a punch. But then superman brutally smashes batman, but still batman due to his heavy armor is able to survive.

Batman is able to meld high tech arrows with Kryptonite.

Then Green Arrow attempts to fire a Krytonite infused arrow on superman. Superman is weakened and then Batman is able to use this to his advantage. At the end Batman delivers the most bad ass statement –I want you to remember, Clark…in all the years to come…in your most private moments…I want you to remember…my hand…at your throat…I want…you to remember…the one man who beat you.”

In another comic book , Batman synthesizes a red kryptonite which has an  opposite effect on superman. It makes him stronger,by turning his skin transparent. Superman’s source of power is sun, so with transparent skin he absorbs  more solar energy and his powers shoots up beyond  control.  It takes all of Superman’s concentration to keep from exploding due to the excess energy coursing through his body.Only batman can have a plan to defeat the most powerful hero on earth by making him even more powerful.
Kryptonite is not the only weakness superman has. In one of the comics, Batman kidnaps Lois Lane,superman’s love and asks catwoman to throw her off a building roof to distract superman.
Zack synder can use these  plots in his movie. Without any doubt, Zack Snyder’s upcoming movie will be huge. Batman and Superman are going to fight. It’s so exciting. Are you as excited as us for Batman V Superman? Tell us in the comments

Only a brainy genius like Bruce Wayne  can defeat Kal-El .

Watch Batman V Superman : Dawn of justice teaser trailer



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